Keity Pook
My psychogeography is a practice that grants space for heightened attention, resonating with the environment on a profound level. Everyday strolls transform into spiritual journeys, where mental and physical presence intertwine with cosmological synchronicity. When encountering an object on the street, it conveys a message so unique that it simultaneously deconstructs and reconstructs one's identity. During these journeys, new worlds materialize – one's places, one's signs, one's objects, one's stories. These personal realms indirectly connect the wanderers and me into a single, invisible network that hovers above the urban space. By wandering and noticing in this manner, I actively contribute to the creation of my own memories, enabling me to select the kind of memories I wish to form. It is the practice of forward-looking memory and forward-being, through which both identity creation and identity identification take place simultaneously.
Situationist International
Déjà vu
Migraines with aura
An aura (visual snow) is a perceptual disturbance experienced by someone with epilepsy or migraine. An epileptic aura is seizure - period os symptoms due to abnormal excessive or synchronous neuronal activity in the brain.

It is possible to experience it minutes to hours and it is the dysfunction of visual cortex.

My psychogeography in practice:
"One cannot identify where function ends and play begins!"
"People can see nothing around them that is not their own image, everything speaks to them of themselves." Guy Debord
Deja vu it is "already seen" - phenomena of a feeling as though one has lived through the present situation before.

Neurological anomaly related to epileptic electrical discharge in the brain, creating a strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been experienced in past.


Dream based - you have seen in before in your dreams

Spilt perception - when you have sensory experience two times in row. First time it was too short, closed and superficial processing.

Memory-based - something in your present is familiar from your past and your brain tries to remember what it is.

Dérive 1
Dérive 2
I noticed the neighbours' front door, the stairs led to the door of the basement apartment below, trees and plants were growing on the stairs. I took a picture.
I feel that my eyes are more open, ears too. I can hear construction noise everywhere, thump, thump, thump, põrrr, sah, fiuuuuu, tak-tak-tak-tak.
I found a lock of hair on the ground that is the same colour as my hair, I took a picture.
I saw a woman crouching in a flower bed on a splitter island on the roundabout looking for something in the flowers, three plastic bags next to road signs. I stopped to watch her. Pretty soon I felt that I was doing the same thing, because I was standing in a place where no one usually stops and I was looking in a direction where I shouldn't be looking. I was at the foot of the Bearpit pedestrian tunnel. I took a picture and moved on.
I found an Electrocardiogram sticker on the ground and took a picture.
I found the front door, where the electrical socket was open and dozens of coloured wires flowed out, some arteries and blood vessels in a good flow and some arteries and blood vessels in a dead end, I took a picture.
I was thinking about my hometown's legend, the white lady and at the same time looking down the pavement I saw the white lady.
I noticed on the fifth floor in the Department of Oncology and Haematology an LED screen with green text running, which in the meantime took a pause while losing some letters and therefore changed its message: Play the video to see the changes.
Dérive 3
Princess Caraboo practice:
Princess Caraboo
"On 3 April 1817, a cobbler in Almondsbury close to Bristol, England, met an apparently disoriented young woman wearing exotic clothes who was speaking an incomprehensible language."
"According to a Portuguese sailor, she was Princess Caraboo from the island of Javasu in the Indian Ocean. She had been captured by pirates and after a long voyage she had jumped overboard in the Bristol Channel and swum ashore."
Princess Caraboo dance
She bends her body in a number of shapes.

She had an infinity of a variety of attitudes.

Occasionally she dropping one knee then rising with uncommon ejulity.

She is holding up one foot for a swing and then doing waltz and singular twists.

Mary Willcoks from Devon, is bored and desperate, wanting to be exotic foreigner and becoming one, a character of what other people want her to be.

Caraboo singing
Caraboo dance