Keity Pook
Kadri Sirel
Kerli Ever
Sigrid Savi
Valeria Januškevitš
Artefactourists* are a collective of four choreographers Valeria Januškevitš, Keity Pook, Sigrid Savi and Kadri Sirel and the dramaturge Kerli Ever. The dancers share a history of studying at Viljandi Culture Academy and the group recently worked together on a performance at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (2022). Their autoethnographic investigation includes the interplay between memory, place and identity in the working body. The group is developing a co-creative nomadic performance practice that, emerging from the body, remains truthful to individual needs within a group while concentrating on the experience of rooting amongst scattered identities.


* the act of remembering through movement; memories triggered by travelling through places and artefacts.
rotating practices